Wolfgang Rech

Very caring with patients, especially devepmentally challenged children. Explains everything succinctly. Without a doubt, one of the best doctors I've ever seen.

Richard Waite

Professional, and friendly. I have a serious injury to my ankle, Dr. Connors and Dr. Sanz help keep me on the move. Thank you both. 😊

Robin Forrest

Dr. Connors is the BEST doctor I've ever met!!! I had a bunionectomy surgery on my left foot last week. I had surgery on my right foot six years ago. I waited to have my left foot done because my right foot surgery was so painful and took a long time to heal. I wish I'd had both done by Dr. Connors. I'm already on the mend with very minimal pain! He's an excellent surgeon and truly cares about each of his patients. His office staff is extremely professional and helpful. Trust your feet to Dr. Connors!!!

Allison Utsch

The best doctor in the world.

I have had 3 surgeries.

The first to undo A horrible surgery that had been done by another Dr. I could barely walk. He said it was the worst redo of foot surgery he had ever seen. My foot was perfect afterwards.

He also put a CARTIVA in my right toe which was arthritic and painful this operation was on the Today show for being a miracle operation and at the same time he removed a bunion so now I have beautiful feet.

I have sent countless friends including my son who had great results. No wonder he is the go to doctor for olympic runners and athletes.

Plus, he has a wonderful caring personality and makes you feel secure.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Connors.

You would be lucky to get him!!!!

Allison Utsch

Katya B. K.

I would like to thank Dr. A. Sanz for her serious, knowledgeable and caring manner during the treatment of my foot issues. The doctor and her office help are always jovial and welcoming, and I have yet to wait long when I arrive at the office located on White Rd. in Little Silver, NJ. It is always a pleasure to deal with this professional and friendly medical office, and I recommended it to those who need the best podiatrist service in our area.

Lynn Sparno

Dr. Connors is the absolute best! We saw several podiatrists for my son's running injury and no one was able to help. Dr. Connors treated him immediately and had him back in no time. Most importantly, he has continued to keep him healthy as a collegiate runner. Dr. Connors an outstanding doctor who is engaging, knowledgeable and a leader in his field. He and his staff truly make you feel like you are family. Five stars are not enough!! Thank you Dr. Connors!!!

Randy Adleman

Always extremely professional!

Kevin Ortenzio

Dr. Connors is the best! I’ve been a patient for years. He takes the time to listen to your concerns and gives you a plan to help get you back to your active lifestyle! The staff is also wonderful. You are always greeted with a smile. I highly recommend him, you won’t be disappointed.

Theresa Kaufmann

Dr. Connors and his staff are so professional. They are kind and helpful and always have a smile and a kind word for their patients. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Peter Squires

John Connor’s is by far the best podiatrist there is around. He gives first class treatment and gives you the confidence you need to get over your injuries.

Anna and staff are beyond professional. They treat you with the respect and dignity you’d expect. Thank you, Pete

Holly W.

Dr. Sanz is such a lovely, caring doctor! Spent unrushed time with me today and was very knowlegable and helpful. Office was clean and wonderful, they don't over book appointments and are extremely nice! Her husband is Bon Jovis podiatrist and I hear superb as well.

Mary McGrath

Dr. Connors, Dr. Sanz, and staff are awesome! They're very friendly and knowledgeable, and will always fit you in for an appt when you need one.

Ceci Rodriguez

Dr. Connors and Dr. Sanz are the absolute best podiatrist. They have helped my daughter through several running injuries and had her healthy and running in no time. They are thoughtful, thorough and have the resources necessary to keep their patients healthy and to help the heal and get back into their sport quickly and safely. Five stars are not enough!

David Noelle Semer

I am a runner and have been a patient of Dr. Connors for over 10 yrs. He is by far among the best of the best in his field. He is incredibly knowledgeable, thoughtful and focused on getting you SAFELY back to doing what you enjoy doing. For both my surgeries, he had me up and moving quickly and spent as much time as I needed during follow up appointments.

Additionally, he and his staff have gone out of their way to provide me with info/recommendations when I need care outside of his expertise (ex: I’ve asked for advice on cardiologists, neurologists, and pain mgmt).

If I could give him and his office 10 stars I would.

Gary Nitsberg

So happy I found Dr. Connors to treat my Achilles tendinitis. I love that he is also a runner who continues to encourage the sport I love & he is the first physician to give me significant relief for my chronic tendinitis. I abundantly trust his course of treatment for me in the past & going forward, and very much appreciate the services he has provided!

Michael Racioppo

I have been a patient of Dr. Connor’s for years. I am an ultra marathoner. I had two successful surgeries on both feet. I had numerous injuries diagnosed correctly countless times. I was back on my feet running 5 weeks later and doing 100 mile races in the same year. His expertise & knowledge is priceless. His bedside manner is impeccable and he truly cares about his patients. I had EPAT therapy after both surgeries which led to a speedy recovery. I am still running strong thanks to Dr. John Connors.

Nicholas Dalia

Dr. Connors and Dr. Sanz are amazing! Their office and staff are some of the best in the biz. If you need foot care this should be your first stop.

Mary Spiga

I’ve been a patient for a long time and have been extremely pleased with the results every time. I had extensive bunion surgery on both feet over 30 years ago and have never experienced a problem. It’s a very professional practice and I trust the doctors to utilize cutting edge and updated methods to address my needs and that of my family. My children were all athletes and they accomplished the goal of returning to the field quickly and safely. Highly recommended!

Bruce Geller

Dr. Connors is the GOAT of running doctors. I wouldn't trust anyone else over him. He has addressed any problem I've had over a 25-year period, with great, innovative treatments and recommendations.

Also, a terrific guy and very accessible.

Michelle Wicker

Wonderful staff extremely friendly and helpful. Dr. Connors and Dr. Sanz are top notch in my book. They pay attention to detail and spend the time needed to answer patients and concerns. I left the office with confidence and reassurance. Thank you for the wonderful experience. I highly recommend them.


Bryan Dau

As a sports physical therapist in the area I have worked closely with Dr. Connors and can confidently say that the level of expertise and commitment to his patients is exceptional. I appreciate Dr. Connors' collaborative approach in addressing patients' health concerns. Dr. Connors is an excellent doctor and I would highly recommend to anyone!

Nicolette Mateescu

If I could give 100 stars, I would! As a patient of Dr. Connors' for the last 15 years I trust no one else with treating my injuries and implementing their respective treatment programs. Dr. Connors is so very knowledgeable and experienced in the field, his talent is truly unparalleled. I credit Dr. Connors to keeping me healthy and able to train at the highest level throughout my high school, college and post-collegiate running endeavors. Thank you so much, Dr. Connors!

Glenn Corregano

Absolutely the best in foot knowledge, care and treatment. Doctors Connors and Sanz are both accomplished athletes and they know and fully understand every issue the patient has. Friendly and personable! I highly recommend to anyone in need of foot care or maintenance.

Maria Toloza

I cannot say enough of Dr Connors. He is outstanding, very knowledgeable and he really cares for you. He is never rushing, gives you his full attention. He is not 5, he is 10 starts. His dedication is unique and not easy to find in a doctor. This is the best choice one can make.

Thanks so much Dr. Connors

Valerie Levy

He’s an amazing doctor and very kind and accessible. He helped my walk again.

Thomas Falotico

As a lifelong runner of 53 years of age, I am fortunate to have been a patient of Drs. Connors and Sanz for the last 15 years. As runners know, when you are on your feet that often, injuries are inevitable. The expertise, treatment and care that I've received over the years is outstanding and second to none. Before finding Drs. Connors and Sanz, I went to many of the big hospitals in NYC only to be disappointed. Over the course of this time as a patient of Dr. Connors, I have had four separate and distinct operations (2 on each foot) by Dr. Connors. I had plantar fascia releases on each foot as well as achilles repairs on each foot/ankle. Each surgery resulted in a tremendous outcome, outstanding post surgery care and a quick resumption to my running activities. I still run approximately 25 miles each week. Fortunately, Drs. Connors and Sanz see Olympic athletes, world class runners and lifelong runners, like me, with the same passion and expertise. Perhaps more importantly, you won't find better people than Drs. Connors and Sanz. Honest, transparent, caring and compassion. Lastly, their staff is tremendously helpful and make everything run smoothly. While I don't like being hurt and not able to run occasionally when something pops up (as is common with runners), I truly look forward to seeing Drs. Connors and Sanz and the office staff.

Linda Carel

Highly recommend this Podiatrist office to family and friends. FIVE +++ stars!!!

Steven Azarchi

If I told you somewhere over the rainbow there are incredible doctors, just hovering in the clouds waiting for you to find them, you probably would have doubts.

I found the doctor tandem team of Dr. John F. Connors and Dr. Kathleen Trotter of Little Silver N.J.

My name is Steven Azarchi and I own the Gibraltar Transmission Center for 34 years, so I know something about fixing things mostly cars. What you want from a doctor is skilled hands, years of experience with surgeries and the ability and confidence to improvise when necessary. I have never met a technician more suited for his vocation then Dr Connors.

I can guarantee you that if you meet them once... it's going to be very hard to choose another surgeon team. I would like to add that a bad orthopedic foot specialist had performed surgery on my left ankle 11 months prior and left many mistakes behind in my ankle, and even denied that anything was wrong afterwards. If it wasn't for Dr. Connors and Dr Trotter who corrected his tendon mistakes and fixing a torn ligament the orthopedist had missed I have no idea where I would be today. Thank you so much for being the consummate doctor. Thank you again and again.

Frances Finkelstein

Dr. Connors is a wonder! Hadn't seen him in 14 years since leaving the area, but when I had a foot problem mistreated by a local DPM, I knew I had to return. Could barely walk in for this first visit, but, by the end of my appointment I could have danced out! He has amazing skills! Can't recommend him highly enough. He restored my walking life!!

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